Maesteg Motorcycle Club

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Offroad Motorcycle Events

Work Partys

For any more details on attending a work parties and being involved building obstacles, routes etc. on our venue please contact Mark on 07494750996, [email protected] or visit our Facebook Page.

Club Trial 8/8/18

Report to follow


Position marks
1st. Dai Williams 1
2nd stuart linch. 10
3rd rob Howells. 11
4th Jason reeve. 22
5th mark Rowe. 24
6th Jeff White. 28
7th gorge linchy. 33

Sportsman masters

1st dai Bedford 14
2nd Wayne Thomas. 15
Furthest cleans
3rd John Morgan. 15
4th dai Jenkins. 18
5th Darren Morgan. 19
6th Craig Morgan. 45
7th kieron Morgan. 62

1st Martin Jones. 4
2nd Antony macklin. 19
3rd Nathan Hughes. 29
4th.glyn mosses. 33
5th stev ric. 37
6th Chris tucker. 41
7th Rob barron. 55

Clubman masters
1st Julian Collins. 9
2nd Harry Trevor hillier 30
3rd James lamin. 32
4th Ben Lewis. 36
5th Andrew Williams. 40
6th decklan ally 55
7th kieron haycock. 58

1st Lloyd baby price 10
2nd Jason galvin. 25


MMCC Training Days. Catering for different types of groups from children , novice, trail/leisure riders, clubmen and expert riders. The venue will be in Maesteg on our all weather varied terrain Bryn Venue. There are also options for private groups or one to one training. MMCC are also partnered with TJ Motocross who are available to hire out full size and children's motorcycles. The training days will be held by an ACU qualified coach and for the expert training a top British/European level demonstration rider may attend depending on what the group want cost wise. 

Club Events

The Hopkins Memorial 2nd April 2017

We were blessed with a sun kissed venue on the morning of Maesteg Motorcycle Clubs first ever enduro since its inauguration 6 months ago, the team of volunteers stood ready at their marshal points looking over their hard work they’d endured during the wet and cold winter months. Spring was here and so was the smell of crisp two stroke premix filling the air, along with the culinary delights served up by our club member Jason in the parking area. The first rider Mark Miles was set off at 10:00am to attack the arduous terrain that the club had set out for the riders. It wasn’t long before the first obstacle a 10-foot bank out of a river caught a few riders out and created a bit of a bottle neck. The riders soldiered on and made sure they didn’t make the same mistake on the following laps. Ashley James and James Davies found out just how deep the Maesteg bogs were by parking their bikes in a vertical fashion, the ground didn’t seem to want to let them go yet they endured the remainder of the lap to get to the first check within time. Matt Wooten had to be given the prize for best attempts of the hard option gap jump after 3-4 spectacular fails lading him in the pit. The river crossings seemed to be where the choice of lines really counted for saving time and the marshal’s done an outstanding job of directing and rerouting to allow the event to flow.

There were some very talented riders within the Expert class however British Team ISDE Silver Medallist Jamie Lewis proved unstoppable, setting some blistering times around the track and came away with the overall trophy. Jack Heath in second had a great ride setting very consistent times throughout his 3 special tests and proved on the pace narrowly making the final tight check lap. Lennie Tidd rounded up the top three and set two good test times after getting stuck on the first test, he narrowly dropped a minute on the final tight check but made easy work of Maesteg’s hard option gap jump.

In the Veteran class produced a winner in the form of Gareth Leonard that has experience in hard, wet, muddy conditions albeit on a rugby pitch. Second place was Chris Thumwood who had a consistent and intelligent ride staying on time and setting two good test times. Michael Rees in third on the other hand dropped time blabbing in the pits, yet set some very quick times that would have seen him battling with some of the Experts.

The Clubman class proved a hard day’s work on their set check times with only 1st place Damien Close and 2nd Place Lewis Simpson staying on time throughout the day. Dean Hancox rounded out the top three with a good ride in class.

The Sportsman class saw some close competition however Jack Griffiths put in a very quick test time and came away with the win in what I believe was his first endure, Jack may want to move up a couple of classes with his now race proven ability. Mark Miles the rider that started the event off put in a very good test time and finished up in second, again the challenge for the next event could be to give some of the clubman a run for their money. Jonathan Williams rounded off the sportsman class in a respectable third with all three riders staying on time.

Maesteg Motorcycle Clubs first event seemed to be a success, with nothing but good feedback from the rider, spectators and the ACU steward. The club would like to thank everyone that took part in the event and would like to extend this to the generous land owner for their time and effort to make this happen. The Clubs next Enduro Event will be held in August so stay tuned and don’t miss it!