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Hopkins Memorial Sprint Enduro



Will be on private land situated in Bryn postcode: SA13 2SS. More directions and a site map will be published in the final instructions. Expert Class will be the first class to start followed by Clubman, Veterans and Sportsman in that order. Each rider in each class will start in order of race number. The first rider will start at 10am.

Entries and Fees:

Will not be returned unless the event is cancelled or a rider gives a valid reason for not riding, in writing at least 7 days prior to the event. In such cases £10 will be deducted to cover costs. Entries will be taken on the ACU online entry system, via the club website or on the day. Maximum Entry is 60 riders and entry will close when full.


All riders must hold a current ACU or SACU competition licence, and be aged 16 or over. Any rider or passenger from another FMN MUST produce a licence issued by their FMN together with start permission and proof of personal accident insurance.

ACU Membership and ACU Competition Licence:

You will need an annual Enduro Competition Licence, or a one event competition licence, which includes ACU Membership.

Please contact ACU at Auto Cycle Union, ACU House, Wood Street, Rugby, CV21 2YX. Telephone 01788 566400

One event licences will be available. See on-line entry form.


Expert Veteran Clubman Sportsman


There will be a main award for the overall event winner. There will also be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place of each class. These will be presented at our club presentation at the end of the year along with the Club Trial Championship Awards and Club Awards.



Full details of the course will be announced with the final instructions. It is expected that the lap length will be approximately 3 miles with all refuelling at the start/finish area. The course will consist of Marsh Fields, Grass Fields, Rocks, Bogs, Banks, Jumps Logs, Tyres and Tricky Climbs. There may be easy and hard routes on parts of the course with orange dayglo arrows marking the main course and easier sections and green dayglo arrows marking hard routes. Crossed arrows of either colour will mean caution.


Timing will be provided by radio-controlled clocks down to the second.


As laid down in the 2019 ACU Handbook.

Machine Examination/Sign On:

Signing on and Scrutineering will be 8:30am – 9:30am and you must attend scrutineering before signing on.


Random noise tests may take place during the event. Failure to stop for a noise test will result in immediate exclusion.


Enduro or Motocross Tyres may be used.


To comply with current ACU Enduro Standing Regulations.


Experts are to display white numbers on green backgrounds, Veterans are to display white numbers on blue backgrounds, Clubman are to display black numbers on yellow backgrounds and Sportsman are to display white numbers on black backgrounds. Rider numbers will be allocated with the, “Final Instructions”. Numbers will be for sale on the day.


• Only competitors can ride or be on the course. Action will be taken against unauthorised persons found riding or driving in the land or on any part of the course. Having a support rider means competitor exclusion.

• Ensure that you do not block the free run of the competitor into and through refuelling points, checks and special test areas. The main route to the parking will also be used as part of the track and will be monitored by marshals. Caution must be used during this crossing as marshals may close the track to allow emergency vehicles to pass (these areas will use removable barriers).

• No smoking is allowed within 20 metres of the refuelling areas or the start finish area.


The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without explanation



Do you hold an ACU licence if so what is the number?

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